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Aesthetically Pleasing Home Screens for Every Dreamer

Which one speaks to you?
Louise Liu
November 5, 2020

More than ever, Apple’s latest iOS 14 update has inspired creatives to design stunning wallpapers and layouts, all within the comfort of their iPhones. 

Sophie.Vision has curated a series of breathtaking home screen themes perfect for dreamers and creatives everywhere. Our visual studio is committed to bringing your imagination to life through dedicated creative direction, aesthetically pleasing photos, and vintage-themed designs. Our alluring shots of skylines, orange sunsets, and dreamy oceans are sure to inspire artistic visions in you. Use our vintage color swatches and minimalistic designs to express your vision. 

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the midnight moon or fall in love with the gorgeous summer hues of blushing, there is sure to be an aesthetic that speaks to you.

For tranquility and wisdom, use themes of blue skies and seas from our themes of midnight moon and a blue dream. Only the truly wise are soothed by the sight of the moon.

Use themes of purple and mauve for feelings of wonder and nobility. Our purple cloud above gibraltar icons are such to inspire the dreamer in you.

The theme lighthouse in my dreams is for artists searching for their next inspiration. Its purplish skies bring visions of romance and calm against the world’s chaos.

Romantics will fall in love with blushing orange themes of sunsets and golden twilights. This is a theme for those idealists who never lose their ray of hope.

For adventurers, ocean layouts signify honor and bravery above all else. Hear the calling of the gulls and smell the salt of deep seas every time you open your phone.

Green themes recall memories of hazy olive fields and lazy summer skies. The shepherd in morocco is for those who are full of life, delighted at the bite of a single ripe peach.

Story-based themes are for creatives, eager to be swept up in fantastical worlds of flight and exploration. Let yourself be inspired by birds in essaouira and join Sophie in staring up at the sky, searching for Howl.

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