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Aesthetic Phone Themes for Every Creative

Which one is your essence?
Written by Louise Liu
November 5, 2020

Apple’s latest iOS 14 update has brought with it abundant opportunities for creativity. With their new customizable home screens, icons, and widgets, artists all over the world have channeled their creative energies into designing gorgeous layouts, all on their iPhones.

To celebrate the new update, Sophie.Vision has created a series of HD wallpapers perfect for dreamers who want to express every side of themselves. Our visual studio is dedicated to bringing your artistic vision to life, whether in the form of a music video, a lookbook, or a visual campaign. Whether you’re a dreamer, a painter, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of sunset, Sophie.Vision has the perfect background for you.

There’s an aesthetic for everyone, from the explorer navigating rough waters under the glow of a lighthouse to the jetsetter cloud gazing in Gibraltar.

Wallpaper from the theme - Lighthouse in My Dreams - attached are color swatches that you can use as iOS14 app icons too!
Wallpaper from the theme - the Purple Cloud above Gibraltar

From the night owl who stays awake to gaze at the moon, to the shy romantic who blushes at the sight of their love.

Wallpaper from the theme - Talking to the Moon, attached are color swatches for iOS14 app icons!
Wallpaper from the theme "Blushing" - attached are color swatches for iOS14 app icons!

From the nostalgic soul who lays awake remembering bittersweet moments, to the idealists who radiate happiness and wisdom.

wallpaper from the theme Cindy's Coffee - inspired by the singer-songwriter Cindy Zhang
wallpaper from the theme Reves Jaune - a Yellow Dream

From the serene dreamer rowing through the sea to the night owl who stays awake to gaze at the moon.

from the theme - A Blue Dream - these color swatches from the image can be used as app icons too!
from the theme - Midnight Moon

From the nature-lover strolling through olive green pastures to the escapist lost in thought among golden hills.

the Shepherd in Morocco - along with color swatches we created from this image, doubling up as app icons!
the Rainbow in North Pacific

From the hustling and bustling city girl to the adventurer breathing in the San Diego sea.

2 wallpapers from the theme - New York City Blues
From the theme - San Diego Sea, we also created these color swatches that you can use as app icons

From Sophie looking for Howl among the birds to the poet dreaming of tranquil Rhode Island seas.

Some say this is subconsciously inspired by the Studio Ghibli film - Howl's Moving Castle

wallpaper from the theme the Rhode Island Boats - romantic and poetic

At Sophie.Vision, we help you cultivate your unique essence and share it with the world. Join our newsletter to download these stunning wallpapers, and find yours!

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