Reframe App Winter Campaign 2021

Creative direction
TikTok partnerships

The #1 iOS App for helping people reduce their alcohol intake or quit drinking, backed by Emory and Harvard University.

Reframe is a neuroscience habit change program focused on helping people change the way alcohol shows up in their lives.

Assembled and managed, led the design team. Worked closely alongside stakeholders and users.

Creative directed Reframe’s ad campaigns. Brainstormed, wrote copies and art directed social ads. Lead and executed TikTok partnerships
Creative Team
Sophie Cheung  Creative Director / Copywriter
Jacquelyn Wu  Animator
Alice Zhang  Visual Designer
Michelle Nguyen  Graphic Designer
April 2021 - Jan 2022
Reframe had around 3,000 users in April 2021. After going through the prestigious accelerator program, Y Combinator in 2021 Summer, their user base started growing. Late 2021, Reframe's executive team needed a winter campaign across different marketing channels to boost their growth.
Reframe is a direct-to-consumer app. So much of their marketing campaign is on social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. After trials of different social media ad directions, we found that audience related to health, skincare and wellness ads, presented in illustrations, more than others styles and interests.


Instagram / Facebook Ads
Skincare Campaign
Alcohol has scientifically proven to dry out the skin’s moisture, and as a result, make pores larger and make wrinkles more visible. Inspired by the approach of modern day beauty companies, we created the tagline: “Drinking less looks good on you.” Positively uplifting the audience, as well as encouraging them to drink less for better skin.

The skincare campaigns had a total reach of 10 million+
2. Brain Campaign
Alcohol has evidently proven to reduce grey matter for heavy drinkers. For the Brain Campaign, we chose to present this information, yet, introducing it in a fun and entertaining way using motion graphics and animations.

The skincare campaigns had a total reach of 3 million+
In Action
TikTok Partnerships
Led TikTok partnership with over 17 lifestyle, health and educational influencers, with a combined following of 7M.
@therapythoughtswithjb #ad Reframe your mindset, change your life! Use code: therapythoughts15 for 15% off your first in app purchase. #sponsored #reframeapp @Reframe App ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic
The ads have a combined reach of over 40M+, resulting in 800% growth. Reframe's user base grew from 3000 to 60k in 9 months.
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